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Moving ideas

In 1952, sparked by the simplicity of a horseshoe stud, Julius Blum embarked on a path that would define Blums' legacy. When a local from Hoechst presented a unique challenge—creating furniture hinges due to prohibitive import taxes from Switzerland—Blum found their niche in the furniture industry, a journey they proudly continue today.

For seven decades, they've been dedicated to refining living spaces. Rooted in family values and a commitment to community, their guiding principles encompass trust, excellence, and a dedicated journey towards sustainability. They have grown not just in expertise but in their dedication to quality and forging lasting relationships. As they move forward, they remain committed to delivering quality and building upon the trust carefully curated over the years.

Blum ensure they stay in motion to move forward ideas and aim to assist in elevating living spaces to their potential. With just the right inspiration and motivation, Blum products can bring any idea you have to reality. 

All their products are tested to their maximum capacity to ensure quality, with over 26,000 pieces of testing and measuring equipment used worldwide. Alongside this, every piece of Blum’s hardware comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure support is always available for you. With reliability guaranteed, your spaces can carry on growing and evolving. 


Good services are always there when you need them. That is why Blum services are geared to everyday operations. Some facilitate individual tasks, others support you along several steps within the process chain, but every service will help you achieve the desired results quicker and more efficiently.

Services Blum offer:

  • Jigs and templates – have the right tool for the installation of any Blum component
  • Sales support – Speak with a member of the team (SWS or Blum UK) directly so we can help you along your journey
  • Technical training at Blum UK – Free technical training is available at Blum UK to cover any aspect of the Blum range you’d like to learn more about
  • Technical support hotline and Easy Assembly app – For help found directly in your pocket, we have a range of tools to get you in touch with Blum experts at the push of a button
  • Machines and machine services

Ranges from Blum

With a diverse range of products and applications, including MOVENTO, LEGRABOX and AVENTOS Blum aim to support a variety of spaces across an any kind of home, facilitating the perfect solutions for our customers’ needs.  



When you have reliable systems in place, there’s a lot of room to grow. Soft closing and effortless, MOVENTO runner systems are designed to add smooth-running finesse to any home through a completely wooden drawer box. Express your individuality and push the limits of your originality, with a system capable of supporting any idea you have. 

  • Can be used with four different motion technologies: BLUMOTION, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON
  • ServoDrive – Blum’s electric assisted opening technology
  • Tip on & Tip on BLUMOTION – Blum’s mechanically assisted opening technology
  • Load bearing capacity of between 40 and 70 kg


Running like clockwork for high quality consistent movement, CLIP top BLUMOTION has soft close built in, to guarantee a smooth and consistent close every time. The hinges’ large opening angle also makes it perfect for storage in any space, allowing for a variety of creative cabinet solutions. 

  • Soft close built into the hinge boss and compatible with all CLIP mounting plates
  • 4 different fixing methods available – Screw On / Expando / Knock in / Inserta
  • From 95 degree to 170 degree in standard opening ranges and also -45 degree to +45 degree in our angled hinge selection
  • Blum's most popular hinge is the 110 ° opening angle which allows you to implement thicker doors of up to 24mm
  • • Clip mounting plates from 0mm spacing all the way up 11mm spacing and should you need more there are spacers compatible for an additional 6mm
  • Available in Onyx Black
  • Available for zero protrusion, glass doors and blind corner applications


Experience Elegance. The box system impresses with its clear contours, parallel drawer side design and accent lines as a central design element.

Solid, steady, durable and dependable, LEGRABOX provides stable motion in a variety of formats. Whether that’s PURE, or FREE, you can create the perfect drawer for any function. And high carrying capacities increase the possibilities even further, from a whole collection of gadgets to as much brand-new cutlery as you could want. 

  • A capacity of 40 to 70kg
  • Slim drawer sides of just 12.8mm
  • Stability for high fronts
  • 2 design options: pure and free
  • Both available in a range of colours and materials, including glass, wood or stone.


With a variety of forms and styles available, the upward motion of AVENTOS slots into any kind of living area, or any creative plan. With maximum ease of movement built into the design, as it has the ability to hold in any position, it could fit perfectly into even the smallest of spaces. 

  • With full access to the entire cabinet and the ability to hold in position, AVENTOS is the best choice for wall cabinets.
  • Lift mechanism can be adjusted precisely to the weight of the front, to allow it to hold in any position
  • Can combine with motion technologies such as SERVO-DRIVE and TIP-ON for handless wall cabinets

Other Hinges from Blum

We also stock a number of other Blum hinges for a range of applications and projects. 

Browse the range or discuss your requirements with one of our sales team on 01626 333900.

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