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The Revolutionary Concealed Hinge System

The concealed hinge you don't need to hide! 

There is no other hinge system in the world that provides the same solutions as TECTUS® from Simonswerk.

Made in Germany, TECTUS® is the most comprehensive concealed hinge system for premium flush doors. With features such as easy adjustment across 3-Dimensions, TECTUS® hinges bring an unparalleled level of performance, precision and control and have solved issues over what have previously been a difficult to build and maintain. 

For architects and designers alike, choosing TECTUS® can make the difference between realising your vision and having it remain just a vision.

When interior designers spend time detailing an "invisible" door, they can go through endless rounds of picking the right veneer to match the grain exactly, wanting to simply keep clean and dead-even gaps around their door panels. As TECTUS® is adjustable in 3-dimensions, large and heavy doors can be quickly installed, saving money for the millworker and installer and insuring it all looks precise in the end. 

In reality, for detail-driven designers, nothing is ever really completely invisible. At the very least, when you open that door, the hinge better match the finish of the hardware on the rest of the project giving a professional overall effect. Simonswerk offers the TECTUS® hinges in a wide range of premium quality finishes to do just that.

For example the SIMONSWERK original Metallic Bronze finish is now joined by three new bronzes to complement any interior themes.

Tectus features:

  • Easy adjustment in 3-dimensions for precise and efficient installation and maintenance of flush doors.
  • High load capacities from 88lbs to 660lbs when using just two hinges.
  • Wide range of premium auality finishes
  • Mainenance-free and tested beyond 1,000,000 cycles without any wear, using no oil or grease.
  • 180° Opening angle.
  • UL Listed for all models except TE 240 3D.
  • TE 526 3D Series and TE 626 3D A8 hinge provide a 3-HOUR rating.
  • Models for doors with cladding up to 8mm (~.315") ideal for laminates (e.g.mirror, stone facing, etc.).
  • TE 541 3D FVZ for frameless flush doors hung on a recessed jambs (e.g. 1/2" drywall>1/8" gap>door).
  • TECTUS® ENERGY has the capability for permanent power transfer or electric lock and security systems.
  • Complete milling & installation support with templates and installation tools available.
  • Versatile and suitable for wood, metal (with SZ receiver) and casing frames (with FZ fixing plate).
  • Engineered and made in Germany by Simonswerk giving TECTUS unquestionable manufacturing standards.

Installation instructions:


Prepare Frame and Door Leaf


via Plunge Router : 

Using Simonswerk's routing templates, prepare the leaf and frame using the appropriate router bits and 30mm bushing guide. Index-d can help provide the appropriate tools for your specific model.

via Plunge Router : 

use the milling template documents (dxfs) supplied by Simonswerk to prepare the leaf and frame.


Mount Hinges to the Frame


Block Frame : Conduct routing according to Simonswerk routing data. Use Ø24mm Router Bit ( except with TE 240 3D, use Ø16mm ) and a Ø30mm Bushing Guide. Install hinge to the frame with enclosed wood screws.

Casing Frame : To ensure a secure mounting, use the Simonswerk fixing plate required for each hinge. Mount the fixing plate by means of appropriate screws (not included) behind the casing. Install the hinge to the plate and frame by using the enclosed M5 screws.

Steel Frame : After affixing the Simonswerk steel frame receiver to the inside of the frame, mount hinge by using the enclosed M5 screws.


Adjustment in Three Dimensions

Vertical Adjustment: Step 1 - Slightly loosen the clamping screws using the 4mm hex key.

Vertical Adjustment: Step 2 - Adjust the vertical position of the door by turning the lower height adjustment screw. Turn the upper height adjustment screw in the opposite direction if necessary). Retighten the clamping screws

Horizontal Adjustment: Step 3 Adjust the spindles using a 4mm Allen key Towards hinge : twist left (max. 3mm) Towards lock : twist right (max. 3mm)

Depth Adjustement: Step 4 - Slightly loosen the fixing screws. Put the door at the correct depth. Retighten the clamping screws.


Install Coverplates


Fix cover plates by means of the enclosed screws. 

If you ever need to adjust the door again, simply take the covers off and use your hex key to get the door back into alignment just by following the simple step by step guide above.

That's all there is to it.



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