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Hinge Systems

SIMONSWERK have been one of the most well-known manufacturers of hinge systems and door hinges for more than 130 years.


They are well known for heavy-duty, residential and entrance door hinges. 


The company is always willing to innovate, ensuring they are committed to high quality standards, always striving for long-lasting customer relationships.

Simonswerk specialist door hinges UK. Modern heavy duty door hinge design

Simonswerk UK Ltd, a wholly owned subsidary of Simonswerk GmbH have been producing high quality brass and aluminium hinges since 1977. 

The group is now Europe's leading supplier of door and window hinge systems to the Architectural Ironmongery and Builders Hardware industries and are a member of the Guild of Architectural Ironmongers.

Hinge Systems


The completely concealed hinge system.

There is a certain appeal with design to deliberatly make the item invisible. The products' actual value is initially in the background, giving space to other elements. Since 2002 TECTUS has been an integral part of the Simonswerk product range and thanks to continued development it is now more innovative and efficient than ever.


The TECTUS hinge system

There are many features and benefits:

  • enables unrebated doors to be completely flush and therefore integrated into rooms designed with straight lines
  • carries load capacities up to 300 kg
  • enables an opening angle of 180 degrees
  • can be used on timber, steel and aluminium frames
  • TECTUS Glass option for glass doors
  • three-dimensional adjustment and maintenance-free slide bearing technology
  • can be used for high-quality interior doors and functional heavy-duty doors
  • an unprecedented collection of finishes to complement the products themselves. 

The Tectus concealed hinge is available in a multitude of different finishes. 

This enables architects and interior designers alike to perfectly match all design themes in any given project or environment to other ironmongery elements and themes.



Tectus concealed door hinge range

The TECTUS hinge range:

  • TECTUS up to 300 kg - The completely concealed hinge system with a load capacity of up to 300 kg
  • TECTUS Energy - With permanent energy transfer for unrebated interior and heavy-duty doors 
  • TECTUS FVZ - For invisibly mounted frames on unrebated interior and heavy-duty doors
  • TECTUS A8 - For unrebated heavy-duty and functional doors with claddings up to 8 mm
  • TECTUS FR - With integrated intumescent kit for unrebated interior and heavy-duty doors
  • TECTUS Glass - The concealed hinge system for glass doors


For heavy weight flush doors.

TRITECH brass hinges are manufactured from extruded sections to precise standards and accurately machined to achieve close tolerances.

Offering natural anitbacterial qualities due to the high copper content of brass, TRITECH brass hinges use a special bearing technology for demanding applications and are capable of carrying door weights up to 160 kg.

They are independently fire tested and CE marked and are suitable for use on both 30 and 60 minute fire resistant door sets. 

Brass hinges can be plated or polished in an multitude of decorative finishes to match any interior design, combine this with finial tips to create the perfect aesthetics for any project.

The benefits of TRITECH hinges:

  • for heavy weight flush doors
  • maintenance-free concealed bearings
  • 25 year performance guarantee
  • load capacities up to 160 kg
Tritech butt door hinge. Brass door hinge



The ANSELMI concealed hinge system is suitable for light-weight interior residential doors as well as for internal doors up to 60 kg and is available in several model versions. 

This hinge system guarantees a long lasting and maintenance free operation, is three-dimensionally adjustable and available in 13 aesthetic finishes to suit your interior design.

Features of ANSELMI hinges:

  • Reduced hinge frame part
  • For timber and aluminium frames
  • For unrebated residential doors
  • 3D adjustable
  • Load capacity up to 40 kg (AN 150 3D)
  • Load capacity up to 60 kg (AN 170 3D)
  • Opening angle 180°

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Concealed hinge finish range. Concealed hinges for doors.

Areas of application

Simonswerk specialist door hinges UK. Modern door hinge design

Exterior doors - A buildings' calling card. Simonswerk door hinges are able to withstand heavy weights.

Simonswerk specialist door hinges UK. Modern white wardrobe door hinge design

Interior doors - Sophisticated interior styles coupled with an excellent interaction with door furniture.

Simonswerk alpro hinge, 180 degree hinge. specialist hinges UK

Heavy duty hinges - Ideal for high footfall areas used in conjuction with heavy duty architecture.

Simonswerk specialist door hinges UK. Modern heavy duty door hinge design

Special solutions - Soundproofing to anti-burglary protection, smoke resistance to fire protection.

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