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The hidden detail that holds everything together

Are you passionate about detail?

If so Button-fix fasteners are designed for you. It's a versatile range which makes panelling walls or ceilings, assembling furniture, and hanging many other interior fittings easy and reliable.

What are the benefits of Button-fix?

  • Removable and interchangeable, unlike panels fixed with adhesive 
  • More secure than panels hung on split battens or cleats
  • Faster to install than other secret fixing methods


Button-fix Types


Button-fix Type 1

The original Button-fix fastener is designed to connect parallel panels where the emphasis is on strength. 

It can be used to surface-mount or semi-recess into the panel, orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.


  • Connects panels to walls or parallel panels
  • Drop down or sideways engagement
  • Ideal for acoustic, wall and ceiling panels

Button-fix Type 1 Flush

A fully-recessed connector solution

Connector for applications where panel-to-panel contact is required. It can be recessed into the edge of a panel of at least 28mm thick or the face of a panel of at least 18mm thick inot a simple oval rebate.


  • Connects panels face-to-face with no gap
  • Drop down or sideways engagement
  • Ideal for furniture assembly

Button-fix Type 1 Bonded

Ideal for thin panel materials

For use in place of screw fixing when this is not possible,  and bonding is the preferred option. The bonded fixing works with a broad range of materials can be be either surface-mounted or semi-rebated.


  • For bonding to panels of any thickness
  • Drop down or sideways engagement
  • Ideal for signage and exhibition displays

Button-fix Type 1 Metal

For demanding applications where performance cannot be compromised.

The Type 1 Metal is a versatile, high-performance fastener and is Ideal for use with fire-retardant panels. It has been independently proven to be reliable through rigorous strength, shock loading and vibration tests.

Button-fix Type 2

For easily removable panels

Ideal for panels with no clearance above or at the side and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access. Used to connect panels at 90° or to a frame and engages with a straight push. 


  • Connects panels at 90° or to a frame
  • Push-on engagement
  • Ideal for service access such as bath panels

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