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Sliding Systems

Hawa is a global brand of sliding solutions for buildings and furniture. Manufactured in Switzerland, their superior systems help enhance architecture and design, to add value to daily life through improved functionality of properties and furnishings. 

In addition to the Hawa name, many of the products carry a further seal of quality: the successful test report issued by the LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) in Nürnberg. They are also tested to relevant standards such as EN1527:2013.

Sliding makes rooms more attractive, functional, economical and flexible. 

As the leading UK supplier of this global technology market leader,  we can bring you the innovative sliding systems designed by Hawa to inspire architects, designers and cabinetmakers alike. 

Browse ranges such as Hawa Concepta, Folding Concepta, Junior, Clipo and more for use in buildings and furniture design, all of which can be viewed using Hawa's ‘Solution City’ virtual tour software.

Hawa specialist sliding door hinges, pocket door hinges, sliding door runners, UK. Modern mirror wardrobe door hinge design
Hawa's assortment is vast and as a result we can't feature all their products on our website, however we can source and supply any of their product ranges or spare parts in 3-4 weeks. Speak to our Sales Team today to discuss your specific requirements.

Hawa Concepta lll range - available now!

Redesign of the pivot and folding/slide-in door systems

The Hawa Concepta III family is a completely re-developed technology with simplicity at its core.

This new range makes it possible to install and adjust pivot and folding/slide-in doors quicker and easier than ever before with intuitive operation. 

It also impresses with its flexibility with the ability to be used with high doors or multiple doors, with or without handle, Hawa Concepta III makes it possible to design the right solution for your project.

Hawa listened to feedback of its users, including architects, planners and fabricators and this invaluable information was included directly in the development of the next Hawa Concepta generation. This resulting redesign of Concepta lll means that all adjustments can now be made in a flash via easily accessible adjustment points in situ.

Want to know more – contact one of our Sales Team today on 01626 333900. 

Hawa Concepta & Folding Concepta

Hawa Concepta supports a modern lifestyle perfectly. 

It makes storage rooms, laundry areas, home offices, craft spaces and even entire kitchens visible and usable when they are needed then and only then.

Hawa specialist sliding door hinges, pocket door hinges, sliding door runners, UK. Modern black wardrobe door hinge design
Hawa specialist sliding door hinges, pocket door hinges, sliding door runners, UK. Modern kitchen cabinet door hinge design

Hawa Junior

Built using high-quality running components, the Hawa Junior range allows interior wooden pocket and sliding doors to glide along tracks with unparalleled quietness.

For the new Hawa Junior 100 sliding system, an innovative magnetic soft closing system enables users to move doors weighing up to 100kg with incomparable ease. At forces no more than 22 N, a highly diverse range of people can operate the system, helping to create spaces for all. 

A unique performance guarantee also comes with the Junior 100.

Hawa specialist sliding door hinges, pocket door hinges, sliding door runners, UK. Modern white wardrobe door hinge design

Hawa Porta

Hawa Porta is available for various weight classes, offering an installation-friendly sliding solution.

The Hawa Porta fitting systems offer functional, well thought-out, installation-friendly sliding solutions in every weight class for a range of application situations, whether integrated into the ceiling or wall, or as a pocket solution. 

Those who rely on them appreciate the minimal installation dimensions of the running tracks and the modular system for variable applications in various weight classes and even with different systems. Anyone who installs it will benefit from the efficient installation, continuous adjustments and economic storage. Hawa Porta Acoustics combines sound attenuation with Push-to-open operation and a soft closing mechanism.

Hawa Acoustics

When planning buildings and rooms, the acoustic component is increasingly included. Unhindered sound transmission in one's own living space leads to acoustic problems that can cause stress and headaches. 

Soundproofing measures provide a quieter atmosphere and promote health and wellbeing.

What are the benefits of Hawa Acoustics?

  • Interfering noise stops at the door
  • Unwanted light is not allowed to enter the room
  • Unpleasant odors stay where they originated
  • Cold drafts are stopped in their tracks

The Acoustics range is available as part of both Hawa Junior and Hawa Porta ranges

Hawa Clipo

The Original among the sliding door fittings impresses with sophisticated and technologically elaborate design.

With a practical clip-on system and clever height adjustment, positioning doors in the Clipo range is extremely easy. Being equipped with a soft and self closing system, Hawa Clipo is also extremely comfortable to use. 

The Clipo range does not require a groove in the floor and a panel meaning the appearance is extremely simple and elegant. This sliding door system is suitable for lightweight wooden, glass and aluminum frame doors weighing from 15 kg to 36 kg for living, office and project areas.

Do you have a specific requirement or query? Contact our Sales Team today on 01626 333900 or complete this form and someone will be in touch.

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